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Hello beautiful souls of Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ.  I am being called to present offerings of the ancient healing art of tantra.

Tantra is for everyone!

Every human being deserves to feel “heaven on earth”, meaning experiencing “God/goddess/love” through our senses. I believe we are being pulled away from this birthright in this society in which we live. 

Our souls are longing to connect with this “one love”. Throughout our journey We may feel scattered, like our energy is going in multiple directions, we may feel alone or abandoned at times, over whelmed . This beautiful art is a remembering of the divine love that you are. Presence is power. You are a healer. You are loved and love. 

This work is amazing for so many phases of life. Whether you are a provider for your family, or a worn out mama or a teen trying to find your authenticity in life. This beautiful work is combined with self love healing rituals that raise your vibration and in this sacred healing space are exactly what you need in that moment. 

Eye gazing is just one of the modalities used in this ancient art. To be truly seen is what every human being desires. To be seen in this moment, raw and clearly. We go through life avoiding one another, sometimes it can feel so uncomfortable that we just stare at our phone. Maybe in the past we have been seen from an angle that is misunderstood, judged or criticized.  Maybe we look away from others eyes now because of the fear of that happening again. 

 Conscious touch is another very important aspect of tantra. This energetic touch is to welcome your soul into your body. Trauma,  technology, porn and pain can bring us out of our body. Conscious touch can teach the mind body and spirit trust, that it’s safe to live presently within the body and that it is your birthright to feel pleasure. 

 Connect to “one love”. No matter what your belief system, religion, sex or race we are a part of all things past present and future. Our ego continues to trick us to see ourselves as separate from others and nature. When we “remember” that we are one with all of nature. We remember there is no right or wrong, that division is illusion. And that love is all that matters. 

The world needs tantra more than ever! Be the love, make the love, spread the love. Let your body temple be the beacon of light anchoring love to this beautiful planet we call home. Feel the interconnectedness with all your light brothers and sisters. Tantra means to weave, now is the time to weave love and light through the fabric of this earth. 


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