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I’m so grateful to be offering tantra trainings for those on their spiritual journey that are being called to this beautiful art! 

In the west, tantra has taken on a very sexual twist but the ancient art holds so much love and mystery. 

You will feel the innocence and beauty, healing of the body with the sensual energy, your higher self, the deep connect with self and others. 

Intellectually I could tell you to read many great books ……. but love must be felt. Tantra is needed in this world more than ever before! We must remember who we are, why we are here, our gifts…. We must learn to trust our souls, to know them, to fill up with love and let it flow into all areas of our lives and bless ALL those around us. 

Divine union = the harmony of the sacred divine masculine and feminine within ourselves. 

Change the patterns of the mind and in your reality, learn the art of adoration, rise and learn the tools to spread this beautiful love and art. 

Message Lilith with your desire to go deeper. Please include your story on why you are ready for this wisdom at this time in your journey. 

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting your spiritual awakening.

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