Remember the Love Within You

August 13, 2020 Lilith Firefly

Remember the Love Within You

Remember the Love Within You

By Goddess Sasha

Hello everyone. I am so honored to have the opportunity to connect heart to heart with all that find themselves reading this. I was a tantra goddess for two years, and I took two years off to have my baby and care for her. I miss working with others on a deep soul level. Although tantra is different to each individual and there are many interpretations. This is mine….. true raw connection is what we seek, to be witnessed, to be honored. To peel off the mask that we wear and be seen for our unique selves. Held in a sacred space of pure love. Allowing any emotion that is hiding as tension and stress within the body to rise to the surface to be cleared, opening up to miracles. Whatever work we do on the spiritual body, manifests in our physical reality. Allowing our kundalini to rise through our spine with breath and movement. Creation is always done through joy, inspiration, love.

I simply open up a channel from your source of light to the divine light ( all belief systems honored). Masculine and feminine honored. You can literally shift your reality immediately. You are a beautiful soul! Feel your love shining out. As you bless those around you, feel your own life blossom with blessings coming back to you. It’s time to honor your true essence.

We are now offering these sacred sessions online. So we are here to hold space for you to heal, awaken, move or be still. I look forward to connecting with anyone who is on their spiritual journey anywhere in the world. Love to all.

“My temple is my body. My world around me, my altar. My words are spells. Every thought an intension. My actions rituals. To manifest all that will be. I am SACRED.  I am DIVINE. ” ~ Ara

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