October 6, 2021 Lilith Firefly

Tantra In Denver, Colorado

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A Google search with the keywords “Tantra in Denver, Colorado”, will show that there are many opportunities to schedule with various practitioners and schools.  There are meetup groups, yoga practices, energy workers, and even a body of water called “Lake Tantra”. The presence is great both physical and energetic. Tantra is about ebbing and flowing with yourself and the world around you. It’s about matching your inner reality with the outer world and vice versa. The opportunities for learning and experiencing this are ripe in abundance in the world today and it’s no surprise why there are so many here. Nature itself provides the visual that inspires us to interact with it. Snowy days will call forth outdoor activities, so we bundle ourselves up and immerse ourselves in them. Denver and surrounding areas have over 39,000 miles of hiking trails where one can be amongst various species both plant and animal.  As we allow ourselves to be fully present with the nuances of nature like touching the snow, feeling the ground beneath us as we travel the trails, watching wildlife carry about the day, we are provided tactical experiences in learning about tantric energy flow within ourselves. As we absorb these physical experiences they affect our mental, emotional and spiritual state. This happens through internalizing our outer world through these actions leading to new feelings we can relive in our memory thereafter.

Denver is a great place to study tantra not only because of all of the above opportunities that you can experience firsthand, but you can also work with practitioners who have built their practices around them. They understand the opportunities for you as both a guide and a fellow student and will teach you how to utilize them for your own well-being and empowerment. Schedule with Scarlet or Yamaraj today to begin your personal journey.


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