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Welcome, pleased to meet you. I’m Goddess Callie.
You may have stumbled upon Tantra the way I did out of curiosity trying to explore and discover what this sexy mysterious thing called Tantra is and what can it do for me.
I still remember going for my first Tantric massage in Austin, Texas. 
It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I was somewhere between arousal and bliss but also content to just be there in the moment without an agenda.
The feeling in my body was weightless but flowing it is so hard to describe as it was as if I was transported to another reality.
Even though I was a complete novice I was still able to have an amazing tantric experience on the table that day.
Over time I came to understand that there was a lot more to Tantra than just the benefits like:
Coaching in breath and movement to regulate arousal and enhance pleasure
Staying present during arousal and increased capacity to feel pleasure
Setting and communicating boundaries
Exploring sensate focus and mapping your pleasure
Creating states of erotic trance
Healing trauma/Freeing yourself from shame
Keeping sex hot in long-term relationships
Overcoming sexual concerns, such as low libido, ED, PE, etc.

I learned that when you practice Tantric sacred sensuality, through energy, breath, and presence… you can unite with and know not just your partner on deeper more conscious levels, but you’ll also come to know your own divine nature… your own true self… as you never have before.  With just one taste of sacred sensuality, you will come to know that there are dimensions of pleasure, intimacy, and love that you’ve never even imagined, let alone explored.  An entirely new world will be opened to you. –
I invite you to explore the world of Kundalini energetics through the art of Tantra in Austin, Texas.
I love to connect with people who have a genuine interest in learning more about tantric energy flow and holistic healing.
I offer a series of 6 sessions that are deeply nourishing and energizing, offering your body time to relax and move into a state of peace and contentment with the world.
As an intuitive guide, I am dedicated to approaching life with passion, bliss, and vitality.
I provide a relaxing and uplifting tantra experience in a safe and clean environment.
I work with you personally and intuitively, paying close attention to your energetic flow.
Sessions are based on the metaphysics of Tantra, which include (but are not limited to) the study and practice of sacred sensuality, breath work, ancient wisdom, energy medicine, and meditation.
The tools you learn from Tantra can help you to Deepen your Intimate Relationships
Intuitive Tantra is a guided process of learning about your sensuality so that you can feel more alive, embodied, and present during intimacy.
The more attuned you are to your body, the more easily you and a partner can create a hot and passionate connection.
Whether you are completely brand new to tantra or experienced and want to expand I welcome you to explore my intuitive tantra sessions designed to bring about healing and empowerment through the art of sensuality, breath work, guided visualization, and meditation.
In love, light, and ecstasy,
Goddess Callie

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