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I am Goddess Emelly.

We live in a world where we are so limited in time, that we forget who we are and what we truly need. Our body is the indicator that something is wrong or missing. When I began to study metaphysics and Shamanism. I realized that I could heal many things not only in my life but in others as well. As a Shaman working with Sacred Plants (Ayahuasca and Hikuri). I have been given the power to heal. The ability to see, feel and help those in need. I found that so many are missing the feeling of love. How to connect and communicate with one another on multiple levels. Tantra called to me for so many reasons. To help others and myself.

I have the wonderful blessing of being your guide in the beautiful Art of Tantra. You will begin to feel the natural energies, not only of us but of our universe. When you do not personally understand or love yourself. You experience the feeling of being incomplete, alone, lost. I welcome you into my sacred space, in your honor. Together, we will celebrate you, your essence, your mind, and your body. What is it your heart longs to express? I will help you awaken the illumination of your conscious.

Tantra has spiritual goals. It is the contemplation, the consciousness of the I, beyond your body. Tantra is the evolution of conscious love. It elevates your energy, activates your soul and stimulates your chakras. Tantra is the yoga of love. You will observe with new eyes. Increase your vibration and enjoy your existence. Tantra teaches you to love your body and how to connect with another.
It’s time to nourish… to discover… to love You. To feel, think and act from within yourself.

Blessed be for now.

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