Blessings dear one. Much gratitude that we have connected and you are joining me in accessing these deepest parts of yourself for deeper healing. In my own path I found my own gifts useful in service to others. It was a long arduous journey but I have found my place and soul’s calling to help others connect to the Divinity within.

I discovered Tantra as a way of life after a long battle with alcohol abuse, depression and cancer. I was working as a therapist, helping others heal through cognitive processing and could sense its limitations and felt unsatisfied with my career. I was also in deep pain from years of abuse and went to great lengths to continually numb my body and my heart. Then I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and in looking at my own mortality and unwilling to face the messages that my body was sending me and went into an even darker place. When I couldn’t bear the pain anymore, by Divine grace I was connected with a teacher who was the catalyst for my own spiritual awakening and shortly thereafter found Tantra.

I immediately delved in deep levels of healing my body and every area of my life then healed. I started to have a relationship with my body again. I allowed myself to feel again. And it was pure bliss. It was bliss that I had denied myself for so long and opened the door for a life I could never have imagined. I have learned that by going into the depths of our deepest pain, we find our gifts. My gift is helping you connect with the bliss that is your Divine right. The path to this is through breath and the body.

In my studies of Ayurveda, I learned how to tap into the pleasure of all of my senses. It is through the body that we reach the Divine. Each sense has the capacity to offer us a spiritual awakening. Our senses are a gateway to the inner and outer world. I am here to lead you into new depths of these worlds and bring you back to your most easeful, joyous and fulfilled self by removing energetic blocks, healing wounds of trauma and stimulating your senses.

I am a Body and Mindfulness Coach and Speaker, Bowspring yoga Instructor, Reiki II practitioner and Tantra practitioner. I also practice Myofascial Release, Tantric Massage and Ayurveda. My life and work is devoted to helping you heal through connection with Source through body and breath, to see yourself as the Divine One that you have always been. Allow me to show you how to love yourself, the beauty of your desires and your body. The energy we will share will be magical, liberating and pure pleasure.

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