Salt Lake City Utah tantra Goddess Alexis


Hello, get to know Alexis, a solopreneur originally from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Being a mother always comes first to me. Intuitive, Creatrix & Rose Priestess reclaiming the Divine Feminine and tantric Arts. Holistic energy healing, somatics/energetics, bodywork, yoga, breathwork, sound alchemy, Tantric, and kundalini activation has been my passion for 6+ years now.

I am here to help you activate Self Empowerment, Divine Embodiment, Ceremony & Ritual, Descending Into The Bodies Wisdom, Self Love, Remembrance & Abundance blueprint. For the last 7 years, I have dedicated myself to my spiritual awakening + coming home into my body which has led me to find love in my dark, mess & numbness. It led me to embrace all that I am unapologetically & follow the pull of my heart womb, dharma + truth.

It’s led me here fully turned on to life and to the most embodied authentic version of me. The chaos + shrinking my own light to keep me safe needed to be in perfect alignment now. Knowing this I fully give my all to help activate the Feminine Remembrance in pleasure, liberation, full spectrum, somatics + coming back home to the innate wisdom that lies within.  We co-create with our soul + the divine when we pull back the layers, step away from the fear, surrender control, and believe that we are capable of achieving it ALL & bringing back all of our energy to us. Life gets to be as magical as we want it to be. The superhuman In me sees the superhuman in YOU. Blessed be.

“Let the wetness of life turn you on, and live your life like a sacred Ceremony, “It’s time to welcome yourself back home into your body and soul temple with the infinite true wisdom that lies within”, your healing comes first before you can step into the light you came here to be, let your body be the guide, the bridge, the tool for creating heaven on earth, the door to your heart and soul will only surrender and open up when you are ready for the wisdom, the moment you start alchemizing your shadows is the moment you give the light a chance to breathe when you penetrate yourself to the life you desires will come to you naturally abundance will wake up within your heart will Crack open and you will come back home to your purpose”

~Goddess Alexis

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