Greetings Brave One!

I am Goddess Ishtar, the Warrior of Love. I work with the fearless spirit of a lioness the hunter. Are you ready to stop letting life put you back on your heels, and attack it with passion and virility? Let’s do this Atlanta.

I work shamanically, which means I am guided by the powers beyond the veil to assist you in clearing obstacles from your body spirit heart mind and life path. Prophecy, poetry, music, alchemy, and tantra are my gifts and vehicles of highest healing.

Your session will include a lovely combination of sensual massage, song and sound healing, divination and mantra integration. I will call on the wisdom of Essence to deepen your connection with yourself, the Divine Beloved, and your ability to be happy and free as you move powerfully through life. I also specialize in solidifying divine unions with your true counterpart.

Should you crave more extensive guidance around specific issues you are dealing with, my work as a coach and consultant services as a wonderful compliment to our Intuitive Tantra services. Feel free to inquire!

Limitless Love,
Goddess Ishtar

“Love is overflowing joy. Love is when you have seen who you are; then there is nothing left except to share your being with others. Love is when you have seen that you are not separate from existence. Love is when you have felt an organic, orgasmic unity with all that is. Love is not a relationship. Love is a state of being; it has nothing to do with anybody else. One is not in love, one is love. And of course one is love, one is in love – but that is an outcome, a by-product, that is not the source. The source is that one is love.”
– Osho

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