Blessings & blessings, we have found each other at the perfect time. My purpose in life is to heal. This journey has happened in stages. On the battlefields of Iraq, and Afghanistan I tended to the wounds of war as a combat medic. Through outreach coaching and counseling I have helped facilitate the repair of emotional, and mental trauma. While that work is both life saving and critical, it was lacking in the full picture of health and healing.

I felt this void along my own journey of healing. A Goddess imparted this knowledge to me ” It’s often those who need the most healing that are given the gifts”. Though travels, experiences, and ceremony I have been initiated and given access to Shamanic knowledge and wisdom older than humanity.

Tantra is art, beauty, and love in motion. I am simply a vessel through which the divine will reconnect you with the source. In those precious moments, you will see your higher self. The person you’ve seen a glimpse of when you were in complete bliss and totally at ease. That person is you. The one you’ve been seeking and striving to become. All the answers are rarely provided all at once, but this is a very crucial step on that path to self-discovery. I’m honored to assist you on this journey.

I traveled the Annapurna range of Nepal, the Taj Mahal of India, to Wat bang Phra in Thailand where a Buddhist monk read my aura and gifted me a sak yant tattoo, to Thermopylae known as ”the hot gates” of Greece, to the homes of ancient medicine holders ”witch doctors” in Kenya & Ethiopia. I even sought some of the darkest and densest places, such as the old slave markets of Cameroon. Most of the knowledge l possess isn’t my own.

This knowledge was gifted to me, and I intend to share it with every breathe I take. I’ve seen the darkest aspects of myself, and I’ve seen the most brilliant light. I love and accept it all. It’s only from a place of love that we can expand.

Release your fear and embrace the beauty of mystery. Trust that you were lead to me for a reason. We shall heal your wounds together. Even the ones you didn’t realize you were carrying.

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