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You want to be less inhibited, fully expressed, and more fulfilled. You want to clear your chakras for sensual embodiment. You want to resolve trauma to experience true intimacy. You crave to be more yourself! And you want to follow a proven spiritual approach from a tantra expert you can trust.

Hi, I’m Goddess Anjali, your spiritual-sensuality advisor in Miami, Florida. I firmly believe that it is time for you to re-embody your sensual self and finally let go of the trauma holding you back.

I want you to re-sensitize your body and stand strong in your intuition. I want you to feel incredible in your body and find your own sensual confidence.

And guess what?

I know that I can get you there.

Because I know where I’ve been.

I joined this platform after 17 years in the healing field, and after my own personal transformation. Now I’m on a mission to apply my knowledge where it really matters.

So there I was at 18, secretly studying Taoist Qi Gong, camouflaged as self-defense classes to satisfy the strict Christian codes in the home of a Protestant Church minister.

Thus pre-internet, the generous art of Eastern Philosophy is also where I got my early Sex Education from.

In my 20s I traveled to India for a year to learn about the Mystical Arts and I joined the OSHO center. After that, I found myself voluntarily confined to the boundaries of a Buddhist Meditation center for another year.

… until I left… to be met with some pretty unhealthy relationships.

Turns out overvalue of Buddhist Altruism in a Western Capitalistic environment, wasn’t a great strategy.

In spite of all my moral and spiritual efforts, I was left depleted and empty.

And disproved the entirety of my beliefs, my work, and my existence.

I asked myself, “How can a person committed to all the right things be so wrong?”

Cleaning my slate, I started again from the bottom.

Miami Sensual Spiritual Tantra A series of Yogic Breathing restored my will, transformed my relationships, and ignited a new air of magnetic presence.

I started seeing clients again, many of whom mirrored so much of what I had been through.

All my healing practices made sense again… with the added direction that becoming a Sexologist and Tantra Yoga Facilitator was the obvious path to open the discussion where it mattered most.

The Taoists teach women to lead the way in the bedroom; by leading the way in the bedroom, we get to lead ourselves back to our true essence.

I have since successfully transformed my own partner and I’ve helped women transform their sexually illiterate lovers, simply by changing themselves. I have seen invisible women rise like Phoenixes, and I have witnessed men bedazzled, with their previously forgotten wives after our work together.

See, in all those years, I didn’t do anything wrong … but missed some fundamental guidelines along the way.

You are reading this because you have been there too. And now you’re done living the old way.

You’re driven to be more than you’ve ever been before.

So if you want to learn the secrets of:

– How to never again lose yourself in a relationship.

– How to make yourself matter and be magnetic.

– How to guide your lover to your pleasure

– in the bedroom and in life.

– How to re-sensitize your body and discover what you want, need, and desire!

– How to refine your beliefs about your sexuality.

– How to set up unmistakable boundaries.

– How to let go and surrender to a total experience of freedom.

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