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I am Amaku and I am a New York, NY based facilitator of Tantric healing of all dimensions of one’s life (Mind, body, relationships and environment) and all dimensions of oneself (physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual). Armed with the knowledge of Tantric teachings and practices, I assist seekers and awakening souls in their holistic evolution. I teach the importance of recognizing Tantra as a spiritual path and applying its teachings to all areas of one’s life in order to become the best version of oneself and to live the best version of one’s life.

In the studio, my style of healing is indeed intuitive and emphasizes the balance of polarities – the Yin and Yang, Masculine and Feminine – the sacred dance between Shiva and Shakti. Each session is tailor-made to your own individual needs guided by the Intuitive Tantra process and significantly enhanced by my natural abilities as a Heyoka empath. Fundamentally, Heyoka empaths are mirrors that reflect back to each person the aspects of himself that he needs to work on the most in order to evolve spiritually. Heyoka medicine is “thunder and lightning” medicine so prepare for an amazing journey of energy, movement and transformation! It will all be worth it in the end. Ultimately, I assist seekers in transforming their lives for the better: In going from coward to empowered; in transforming fear into freedom and faith and so much more.Tantra New York NY Sensual Touch Massage Men Women Couples

One of my missions is to spread the teachings of authentic Tantra from the Kashmir Shaivist lineage – the highest spiritual lineage of Tantra – through the facilitation of workshops and classes. Although my dharma is to facilitate and teach, I will always be a student! I continue to study Tantra from various schools all of the world. I am based in New York City but at times, you may find me in a city near you! Inquire at Amaku.Intuitive@gmail.com to discover my current location as I travel to deepen my knowledge of Tantric teachings and practices, share my knowledge of Tantra through teaching and facilitate Tantric healing. I look forward to being an ally in your holistic evolution.Tantra New York NY Sensual Touch Massage Men Women Couples

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