Blessed Be. My name is Lady Miranda. I am blessed to have you come to me for your journey to start feeling the natural energies of not only with us but in out universe as well. I have been working with the natural energies that surround us since I was really young. Being Celtic, I can help you in so many ways to grow and develop. I can open doors that have been closed and release any stagnation. I can help you open up to the energies to help in areas in your life that you want to work on. Working with the chakras is more second nature. Before you come for your journey. I meditate to raise my energy. There may be times that I may pull crystals out to aide me. I will guide you in a soft meditation. That will allow your third eye to open. I’m excited to hear how your voyage has helped in not only knowing the energies that reside in you. But how your life has changed. Blessed be for now, Miranda.

“The feeling of being alive and at One with everything is available through the path of Tantra. When your heart is open and you are making love, there is no separation between you, your partner and God. This is healing sex. This is connecting with the Divine. And the important thing to develop is the sense that this sacred experience is available in all instants. It is not limited to sex.”
– Philip Smith

“These seven centers, these seven chakras Yoga and Tantra have talked about down the ages, are nothing but five knots in your body electric current. They can be changed; they can be rearranged. They can be given a new shape, form. Two lovers can be transformed so deeply that all their seven centers can start meeting.”
– Rajneesh

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