Seattle Tantra Daka Kundalini

Seattle Tantra Daka Simon


Once I experienced a fully activated and embodied tantric woman I was changed for life.  I would never again be satisfied going back to mundane romantic relationships. Tantra is becoming popular in the western world because it works at specifically addressing problems that face our generation regarding anxiety, fear, depression, and finding meaning.Seattle Tantra Daka Kundalini

Our society needs sexual healing, self-love, and self-acceptance. Many of us are the walking wounded trying to hold it all together. What if I could introduce you to a 2,500-year-old breath, sound, touch, and movement technique that could translate itself into newfound success in all walks of life? My work as a Daka is not magic; it’s more like a science because its results can be duplicated. People who are willing to surrender and be guided on a safe tantric journey of self-discovery held in the utmost integrity will see marked improvements in their life. Clients who step in with belief and courage will walk away feeling more embodied. The fact is nothing lasts 2,500 years without having truth to it. Tantra works for those who work it. It’s not a religion; it requires no blind faith, and it consistently leads us back home to ourselves.

Seattle Tantra Daka KundaliniI am a Certified Tantra Educator and student of Charles Muir at The Source School of Tantra in California and was an apprentice with the powerful energy worker T.J. Bartel. I am one of the past organizers and hosts of the Hawaii Tantra Festival, and I have earned a Ho’oponopono practitioner certificate from Ihaleakala Hew Len P.H.D. and Joe Vitale.  I am now blessed and thrilled to continue expanding my practice working for The Intuitive Tantra Institute and providing clients in the Portland, Oregon area the Intuitive Tantra model for self-healing and self-discovery. If you do not live in Portland, I offer week or weekend-long intensive sessions in where I can travel to you, or you can travel to me.

Tantra doesn’t need to be proven from a podium because its palpable energy opens up to us from the moment we experience it. Come and join me, Daka Simon. Grant me the honor to serve you as your guide, and I promise to hold that trust sacred. Allow me to show you a new way of doing approaching the way you interact with yourself and others. 

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