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GODDESS LUNA – Tampa, FL Tantra Massage Therapist



I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Tantra healer, mother of four grown children, and grandmother of one little girl in Orlando, FL.

Six years ago, after spending 17 years in a corporate environment I started my journey as a massage therapist and healer. It has been one of personal discovery, challenges, and a heart-opening connection with my own power and truth.

As a massage therapist and tantra healer, I dismiss the idea of subduing physical fulfillment. Tantra belief understands that fulfilling the basic biological urges of our bodies keeps us in communication with the universe’s energies. Growing as a complete human being is about ridding the body of blockages that have been built up over time because of being repressed.

I personally invite you to join me on a magical journey, where you can become aware of the energy that is within yourself, and dive into a place of euphoria. In my tantra session, you will find that when you clear your mind and open your soul to the influence of the universe, you will find that the universe sends you in a specific direction. I work from a place of deep intuition and natural embodiment; I am guided by your needs and your natural energy. My hands are intuitive and will give you the nurturing comfort while providing the care of your body, mind, and spirit needs. I will also show you specific breathing techniques that will align your chakras and energies with the universe around you. You will then be able to unlock truths about yourself that you may not have understood before.

I believe that the power of touch has powerful physical and emotional healing powers. The body craves human to human contact and physical interaction. Welcome to the world of tantra where it’s not all about aligning oneself with the universe, but also about emotional intimacy, self-awareness, and establishing a connection with the world around you. Please join me for a tantra healing session like nothing you’ve ever experienced before

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