Tantra Austin Texas




Drakora Shanti–

I am excited to expand my Tantra sessions into Austin, Texas!

I have been working as a healer for as long as I can remember. From a very young age, I was drawn to intuitive and deep connections with others. I began to see that this was not entirely common in the world and have made it my mission to support the profound access of consciousness expansion through Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.

What I have found possible through my own awakening journey and those of my clients, is greater access to emotions, an abundance of energy, creative inspiration, more fulfilling interactions, decreased anxiety and depression, and an overall positive outlook.

Through our Tantra experience, I focus on guided meditation, awareness of sensations in the body, loving connection, coping skills, permission and full acceptance of the body.

I have a BA in Sociology, with a concentration in Sustainability and Natural Resources, and incorporate my love of human nature, sexuality, and nature into all I do. I am a teacher in Austin and practitioner of yoga and meditation, and a certified sex and relationship coach and transformational facilitator.

I acknowledge you for taking this leap into Tantra exploration and look forward to guiding you along this journey.

“We are like waves in the ocean, each with a unique character and quality on the surface, but deep down we are eternally connected to one another and to the ocean as a whole. If you practice looking beyond the surface of appearances, you will begin to see the true Being that lies within each form. You will see your Consciousness looking through the eyes of another, and it is when you see yourself in another that you cannot help but develop compassion for them; because in Truth, there is no “them,” there is only YOU, experiencing yourself from an inconceivable amount of perspectives.”
― Joseph P. KauffmanThe Answer Is YOU: A Guide to Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Freedom

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