GODDESS LALINI – Orlando, FL Tantra



It’s amazing that we find each other here as I present my Tanra practice in Orlando, FL. There are never any coincidences. Ever since I can remember, I have always been different. I understood my environment in a way most people wouldnt understand. For years, I have been super sensitive to my surroundings because I am a strong empath. I can feel the pain of others. In time, I started realizing that I could transmute the pain and help people feel better.

I pursued massage 8 years ago, but finally achieved my dream a couple of years ago.I became a certified massage therapist. I grew in many different techniques to help heal the body. I am certified in level 2 reiki and masters in kundalini reiki. I have received many attunements to completely align myself with the ways of the universe to help those with trauma here. I have sat with multiple shamans from indigenous tribes and learned many of their traditions.

As a tantric practitioner, I will help guide you throughout this beautiful journey of your self. Through tantra you will unleash many of your desires and become who you really are. In tantric practices, I will help you remove the stagnant energy and any traumas holding you back. This will be filled with bliss and pleasure. No fear involved as you follow with me. This journey will be the most fulfilling.

The body has a story to tell. I become so in-tuned with your sexual energy and vibration of love, we together begin to lift you from all the negative core beliefs. I will use massage, reiki healing symbols, affirmations, mantras, singing bowls. and aromatherapy to provide the maximum amount of care throughout our sessions.

This a non sexual modality that will help bring you back to your divine state In this relaxed space of self-acceptance you will be able to heal old wounds, let go of blockages, experience breakthroughs, and receive inspirations and new ideas.

I work with men, women, couples, and LGBTQ community.

My sessions are completely about you. Give yourself a chance to allow your sexual divinity rise again. Step into your power and allow nothing but the divine in.


So much love.

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